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2005 Holiday party

MMC Holiday Party a report by Al Dann Though lightly attended, we had a good time chatting with old friends at the party. The food served up by The Silent Chef was excellent. We also had a good time with the Yankee Swap and got a great group photo energized by Jon Henry's bakery joke as he stood up to snap the picture (See below). Many thanks to Lee and Debbie Johansson for opening their house for our enjoyment. I wonder if any members are still out there looking for the house! I found out when I arrived at the party that the path of Route 44 had changed on the Wednesday before the party. Instead of going by the end of Plymouth Street as I had shown on the map in the newsletter, a new bypass had opened to reroute Route 44 more directly into Plymouth by a new highway rather than through the towns. <<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>