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1991 Reatta coupe - Red with tan interior.  Second owner.  78,000 miles.  Very good condition.  $4,000.

  Contact Al Dann,  508-358-5045 or (2)



Buick parts:

 4 Firestone Deluxe Champion tires - 820x15, 5” whitewalls, less than 2,000 miles on them. 

     Can’t ship (too costly).  Pick up at my home 4 miles behind New Haven, Conn.  $180


– 1955 Dynaflow transmission, out of a rat rodded car, condition unknown but complete on rolling pallet  $125


– Buick radios, complete, nice faces 1948-1955  $25


– 1955 Super / Roadmaster front lower bumper, good core, not bent or pitted  $125


– 1953-55 NOS muffler, Super / Roadmaster  replaces part #1345878  $60


– 1941 Jr. Series dual carb setup, complete, show car detailed on rolling pallet  $925


– 1948 320 cu. inch Roadmaster engine, heads redone, complete except no generator,

      good exhaust manifolds, on rolling pallet  $850


– 1941 parts - some chrome, rocker panel moldings, more.  Inquire.

  Contact Lewis Cohen, 58 N. Racebrook Road, Woodbridge, CT  06525, 203-397-8723 (2)


1953 Buick Gas Door Guard - Series 40 and 70.  In original box.  FREE
   Contact Al Dann,  508-358-5045 or   (1)



1955 Buick Special 4-door sedan  - Manual shift.

   Contact Kerry Bearse, Kingston, MA.  Phone 781-585-6859.  (0)


 All parts are for a 1957 Buick Century - Prices are OBO

                 All parts can be picked up in Reading, MA

Master Cylinder (rebuilt)  $60.00

364 rebuilt oil pump  $50.00

Factory Parts Catalog 2 Vol. 574A&B  $150.00

Service Bulletin $10.00

Fuel Pump (rebuilt) $20.00

Transmission/torque converter  $25.00

Gen. & starter core $5.00

Water pump core $5.00

364 timing cove  Free


     Contact Hal Lund,  C 781-864-5665  H 781-944-8352    (0)



1966 Buick Wildcat convertible (pictured at left)   48,000 miles, $25,000  

        Contact Steve Parent 401-524-8059    (0)


BUICK Decanter Set - Possibly crystal, very unusual and high quality.  Prefer local pick up or at a chapter gathering.   “nos".  Open to offers!  Thank you!


      Contact Carl Finer at 508-224-1942 or via email @




ZDD Plus and ZPaste  - I am now an authorized distributor.  Consult my web site for this and a wide variety of very useful items.  If you aren't on the internet you may use the very traditional 508-224-1942 method of contact.  Thank you for your support of my business.


        Contact Carl Finer, BCA 8957, MMC 14, NCB Finer Sales 


LoJack for pre-1985 cars - Carl Finer says that LoJack now has available a system for cars made before 1985.  Consult their web site for details.


Fire Extinguishers - Suitable for autos, fully compliant with car club regulations.  Dry chemical, rechargeable, all American made.  2.5 lb. ABC rated - $59.95.  5 lb. ABC rated - $79.95.

        Contact Jon Henry at 508-245-9093 and he will get them to you.


First Aid Kits - OSHA compliant, in ruggedized metal carrying case (10.5”x7”x2.5”), can be mounted.  Called a No. 25, all domestic components.  Price $59.90.

        Contact Jon Henry at 508-245-9093


TyVec Suits - Coveralls, washable, roll up to a real small size.  Available in XL, XXL.  $8.00.

        Contact Jon Henry at 508-245-9093




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