Director's Message

I can't believe it's August.  I also can't believe that the MMC Buick-Pontiac-GMC show is two months in the rear view mirror!  As you all know the weather was perfect which absolutely helps.  In general the show ran smoothly and the only real complaint was there should have been more classes.  That will be reviewed.


I'd like to thank all the members who volunteered to help run the show.  It could not have happened without you.  The show was a financial success as well.  MMC made a charitable donation to the Manchester, NH vocational school which will use the money for their charitable work in the community.


The club was fortunate to get some help from some former Pontiac club members.  They spread the word that the show was on again this year.  Next year we're considering inviting Oldsmobile as well.  We are open to any and all suggestions for future shows.


Thanks again for your support.



Drive on,

Larry Legor

********** Updated September 19, 2018  **********