Chapter News

Chapter Membership dues 



Chapter membership expires at the end of each calendar year.  


To become a member or to reinstate an expired membership, send your $20 check,

payable to Minuteman Chapter, BCA, to Al Dann, 194 Oxbow Road, Wayland, MA 01778.


Please include your current contact information, along with your email address.

Let us know if you would like the newsletter via email or USPS.

      [Email address may be used for short-notice announcement/cancellation,

                     but will NOT be shared with ANY other organization.]




Chapter web site needs photos of your car 


Would you like to share a photo of your Buick with the rest of our members?  Send your photo to Al Dann at



Advertising in NOTM  
Business card advertisements are accepted and welcomed in this newsletter.  Club members, hobby vendors, or anyone else wishing to make their products or services known to the membership, can submit a business card for reproduction in these pages.  The rate is $48 for 12 appearances.  AND we need a volunteer from among the members to handle this task.  If you would like to solicit such advertising for the benefit of the club, please advise your editor, Al Dann, at so we can discuss the details.


Massachusetts & Rhode Island AAA 
Many Massachusetts & Rhode Island Registry services are available to AAA members. 
Full details of AAA's RMV programs are available at

Larz Anderson Auto Museum 

Located in Brookline, Mass. this unique museum sponsors several events of interest to us car hobbyists throughout the year.  “Lawn events" and their lecture series are two in which you may be interested.  Various benefit nights and special functions also take place.  Personal memberships are welcomed.  Your editor will try to publish notification of events if he is made aware of them in sufficient time; otherwise you can check out their web site for yourself at  


Did You Know this? - Cruise Control should not be used when the roads are wet!  Water on the road surface can cause the tires to lose contact with the pavement (hydroplaning) and when that happens with the cruise control ON, the car can accelerate to a higher rate of speed making it take off like an airplane.  So, take heed!

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